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Rubbish Charts!

Litter can be found everywhere. It is a danger to wildlife, as well as being unsightly. In this activity you and your students will pick a suitable local area (this might be a beach if you are by the sea, a park or recreation area, or even the centre of town), carry out a combined litter pick and survey and use the results to create some literally rubbish charts!

In this activity you and your students will:

  • Learn about the amount of waste people in the UK throw away every year.
  • Pick a local area that could do with a clean up.
  • Carry out a combined litter pick and survey (where you collect the litter and make a list of how many pieces you have collected from each of a list of litter types and where you found them).
  • Display the results of the litter survey by making some charts using the litter you have collected (cleaned where necessary). For example, a pie chart with examples of rubbish found stuck to the chart, or a map of the area you cleaned with examples of the rubbish found stuck on the map where you found it.


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