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Dancing Against the Tide of Plastic

To help educate the school and local community about plastic waste the eco committee decided to do an awareness raising campaign. They came up with an idea of students performing a dance around the theme of plastic. Thirty – three students rose to the challenge and with help from dance teacher Mrs. Wainwright they performed their ‘Plastic Waste’ themed dance on Peel Beach. The local community was invited to watch along with the Minister from the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. The students filmed the event and put together a piece for use in assembly to educate their peers. Olympian Rugby 7 star James Rodwell agreed to appear in the video sending out a message about the use of plastic bottles. The video has also been uploaded to a variety of social educational media platforms to highlight the problems of plastic waste. The link is Manx TV, Manx Radio and Isle of Man Newspapers also gave media coverage to the event and helped raise awareness. Earlier this year the Department of Infrastructure supplied us with plastic bottle recycling bins which we have placed around the school and are being used by all of the students. Throughout the school, we have made other efforts to reduce our use of plastic. This includes changing from plastic to metal cutlery and from one-use polystyrene plates to reusable plastic ones.

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