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Damers First School, Pledge to make Poundbury/Dorchester Plastic Free

Grayling One’s Roots & Shoots Pledge was to Trash Plastic on Poundbury. They designed posters giving people ideas about how they could become plastic free. Then they made a list of businesses on Poundbury they wanted to visit, visited them and talked  to the manger of each about how they could become plastic free. Also they asked  them if they would put up their posters. They were joined by Alison Jay, Sustainability Officer who was very impressed by their knowledge and passion for the plastic topic.

The children  invited Jeremy Board, Store Manger of Poundbury Waitrose in to school to ask him what Waitrose is doing to reduce plastic. Their egg boxes are now 50% grass 50% cardboard, they plan to get rid of all black plastic containers from their products by 2019. Grayling1 are going to write a letter to Waitrose Head Office to put pressure on them to reduce plastic packaging for their fruit and vegetables.

The children have come up with an idea to reduce the number of take away coffee cups by introducing a deposit scheme called Recup and Cup Club.  Recup/Cup Club is a deposit scheme where customers pay a £1 deposit for a cup for their coffee. They can then drop the cup off at a shop or designated bin getting their £1 deposit back. The cups are then collected by the cup company, washed and returned  to the shops to be used again.You can help them by filling out their questionnaire here:

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