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Nursery Workshop – Week 3: Lions & Giraffes

In keeping with the end of year concert on African Animals, learning about conservation of Lions and Giraffes dovetailed neatly into the weeks plan. On arrival, I was immediately asked to sketch a large Giraffe on cardboard so the tiny tots could stick gold paper to it and create a sparkly collage. It was a really hot morning so everyone was flagging but the little ones still congregated around the white board and enjoyed hearing facts about the ‘King of the Jungle’ and his tallest friend, Giraffe, and why we must look after them. Flitting between the water table outside and drawing in the cool of the indoors, the children relayed to me how we mustn’t destroy the homes of these magical animals, or hunt them, because they look much happier on the plains of Africa than they do in someone’s sitting room.

Feeling a rush of pride, one of the teachers told me how impressed she’d been that as a result of my workshops, not only are the four-year-olds evidently learning about the importance of conservation, they’re managing to colour inside the lines better too. This was a particularly wonderful morning so thank you very much for having me again Mad Hatters.

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