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Our JGI OutreachCoordinators, Duke and Rubin inspire us with the Burundi Tree Project – making our World greener!

“There is so much diversity and beauty in our world everywhere you look. And everyday, we cannot help it but think that the future generations might not have a chance to see all this, due to our choices and actions. We believe it is important to have a holistic approach to life as everything in the natural world is deeply interlinked. Including us. Dr. Jane Goodall’s Burundi tree planting project in East
Africa, run by David Ninteretse is doing exactly that. By rebuilding the civil war torn ecosystem, the local community is inviting animals and nature back to the forests, and in return they get fruits for the community. Everyone benefits.”

Duke and Rubin, Eco Group Besureis

Besureis have raised over £1,000 to support this project! We Thank You!





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