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Miss Raimes’ Summer Roots & Shoots #2Minute Challenge!

I wonder how many of you fancy a challenge this summer – a small one that could have a large impact on the sea, the animals around us, and our environment? If you are up for it, I would love you to have a go! It’s easy and it will take just #2minutes of your time!

So… Here goes! It’s the JAPS ‘ Mega make a difference’ #2minutebeachclean / #2minutelitterpick / #2minutestreetclean!
1. Arm yourself (plus family and friends if possible) with a plastic bag, gloves (and a litter picker if you have one!)

2. Take 2 minutes to litter pick in your chosen location – park, beach etc. Watch out – once you start, it gets addictive, so you may want to continue picking!
3. Take a piccie of you and your litter. You may want to weigh it. You may want to design a sculpture out of it if it’s not too grotty! (Beach pick-ups are good for this!)

4. Send your photo, with name, date and where you found your litter to school, to be forwarded to Miss Raimes. When I return I will make a display and send the results to Roots & Shoots.
5. If your parents are on twitter, they could link your picture with #2minutebeachclean #2minutestreetclean or #2minutelitterpick

And tag in JAGSPrep!
6. Congratulate yourself that you and your family have made the world a nicer and happier place! Before indulging in a celebratory ice cream, make sure you wash your hands!

Just think – if all 300 JAPS girls (and their families!) were to manage a #2minute litter pick, how much litter that would be – and what a big impact that could have ! As Dr Jane Goodall says, ‘Together we can make a difference’…

I wish you all a very happy summer. I have missed everyone dreadfully- the girls, parents and staff and can’t wait to see you all again next term.

Miss Raimes

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