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Damers First School – Water Week

The whole school took part in a Water Week to raise awareness of how important water is and how some countries are not so fortunate as us. Water Aid came into school to work with Year 3 and 4. The children took part in workshops that educated the children about all the fantastic work Water Aid does in getting clean water to the people that need it. They hope by 2030 that everyone will have fresh clean water across the world. Wessex Water also came in to work with all the Year groups. They taught the children the process of  how they make the water safe to drink from when it leaves the rivers to it coming through the tapes at home. This inspired the children to write water pledges of their own to save water in the home as well as at school. The children also took part in water activities seeing if they could carry water for 4 miles by walking around the playground in really warm conditions. It was a learning curve for all especially those who dropped their water or their container broke. The children ended the week by dressing in blue and raising money for Water Aid. The whole school managed to raise £250.

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