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Damers First School – Green Clean with Campaign to Protect Rural England

Meadow 3 took part in a Green Clean with Campaign to Protect Rural England and Litter Free Dorset. CPRE brought their Reverse Vending Machine with them. They challenged the children to find as many plastic bottles and cans that they could in 1 hour. For everyone they found they raised 10p for the schools campaign to help Dorchester achieve Plastic Community Status. We teamed up with the Thomas Hardye School and some Year 10 students. We walked from Damers School to The Thomas Hardye School litter picking. We found 156 plastic bottles and cans raising  £15.60 (the record is 450 bottles and cans in  an hour, somewhere in London). These figures along with all the other figures in the month of September will be going into a report that CPRE will present to the Government. 

We are planning to do build a relationship with The Thomas Hardye School and support them with their eco work by organising more joint events like this. 

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