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The Arctic and Antarctic Animals- TASIS

Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club members have been learning about two important areas on our planet. The Arctic and Antarctic are both important to the balance of life on our planet. Both of these areas are feeling the effects of climate change. The Arctic is showing big areas of melting ice, which is causing habitat loss for polar bears and other arctic animals. This is happening at a faster rate than ever before. The Antarctic is showing loss of ice shelves, as seen when the Larsen C ice shelf recently broke away.

Students learned about the unique animals that live in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. They found that there is a balance that enables these animals to live in such harsh environments. The students discussed how we live in our own communities effects the rest of the world, including the poles. We realised that the changes in the Arctic and the Antarctic will impact only those areas, but will impact our entire planet.

We decided to make a poster board of the animals in the Arctic and the Antarctic. This was a lot of fun and helped us to learn about the life in each area.

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