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Never Again Project – The Aspire Schools

September the 17th saw the launch of our Never AgainProject in the fight against hate crime. The inspiration behind the project stemmed from the experiences of Steven Baker, Principal of the Aspire Schools Federation*.

Steven  witnessed first-hand the worst humanity has to offer when he worked for the UN as a Forensic Anthropologist before he entered teaching. His role collecting evidence of the Bosnian genocide was the catalyst for his determination to help develop a more cohesive society, which will stand united against hate. The following words sum up his ambition to create a better and safer society through the power of language:

“I believe that the power of language and your inspirational words can influence the future.  We can make a difference and show the world that we stand united, demonstrating that we will not idly stand by while hatred spreads. “Our plan is to collect inspirational quotations and use them to create a book. We need to inspire the younger generation and the wider community.  We want to help people understand that together we can play our part, no matter how large or small, to create a better and safer society for all;  we can made a difference in the fight against discrimination, promotion of hatred, extremism and exclusion.” Steven Baker, Principal, The Aspire Schools Federation In his ‘spare’ time, Steven is a board member of the charity, Remembering Srebrenica, and a regular speaker at Holocaust Memorial Day events.  He also works with prisons nationwide to support their efforts to promote rehabilitation.

*The Aspire Schools Federation is  a federation of award winning schools in Merseyside that support disadvantaged children with additional emotional and mental health difficulties.  The schools use a non-confrontational approach to behaviour modification that is linked to the latest neuroscience research and both schools have a fantastic track record of success.


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