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Compassion in World Farming International and Roots & Shoots form a new Partnership

Compassion in World Farming International (Compassion) is a registered charity, aiming to achieve humane and sustainable global food and farming policies and practices. Compassion campaigns and lobbies for an end to industrial farming methods and for a future farming system based on agro-ecological and compassionate methods. Compassion’s HQ is in the UK and it has offices/representation in China, the US, South Africa and many EU countries. Compassion’s educational goals are:

  • to be a Centre of Excellence on the welfare of farm animals and on the impacts of farming methods on the environment, resource use and livelihoods
  • to bring our message to young people globally, educating tomorrow’s leaders and the next generation.

The new Partnership will involve mutual commitment from both institutions to promote co-operation and enhance each other’s work in the areas of animal welfare, education, protection of biodiversity and environmentally sustainable food and farming systems.

 ‘Compassion in World Farming is thrilled to partner with Roots & Shoots. We know that young people throughout the world care passionately for the planet, its people and the millions of creatures with whom we share this space. We look forward to working with you to raise awareness about the wellbeing of the animals we farm, often very intensively. I believe we can work together to find more compassionate ways to keep animals and to feed ourselves.’ Joyce D’Silva D.Litt. (Hon), Ambassador Emeritus

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