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Penguins & Polar Bears

As the days grow colder and we’re waking up to early morning mist, it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas. As such a workshop on endangered animals that inhabit colder climates, such as emperor penguins and polar bears, seemed pretty apt. Plus, the Dynasties episode on penguins that was aired the week that I led this workshop, was perfectly timed, although the contents of which were not discussed in class (it’s a real tear jerker because we’re shown how harsh the environment is in which the penguins live) as this information, combined with climate change, is not helping the emperor penguins case for survival. But, there is hope…

The children loved drawing and colouring in the wonderful polar bears whilst learning about why it’s not good that the ice on which they live is melting. They found it fun saying the word ‘Arctic’ and understanding that polar bears live in the north, but when we started talking about emperor penguins who live in the opposite end of the world in the ‘Antarctic’, the pronunciation of the two places became quite humorous. But, they got it, and were telling me that we can help these beautiful endangered animals by turning the taps off when not in use. Clever children. I added that turning the lights off helps too.

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