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Walhampton raising money for a school in Cambodia

Witten by Oliver, Y4

How it all started….

In 2017 Walhampton began raising money for United World Schools to build a School in our name. Jack visited us in our chapel service to tell us all about the charity and how we can help. We have done lots of house charity events like tie sales, movie nights and home clothes days.

Walhampton visit to Khe Nang

11 staff and parents (including my mum) went to visit the school last year. They taught in the school and played with the children. They learnt some of the language and learnt about what it was like to live in a village so far away from big towns or cities.


How I felt when I heard all about it

I feel very proud of our school. We have so much more than the children in Khe Nang and doing something like this makes us feel connected with the other side of the World.

It helps us to remember to feel lucky for the things we have when there are children just like us, the same age who don’t have much at all.

Keeping it alive!

It is very import that we keep friends in Khe Nang rose in our minds even though they are very far away.

We must keep talking about it, remembering it and raising money for them sot that we can keep helping.

An hopefully, when I am old enough, I will be able to visit!

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