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Roseacres Primary School helping animals and the environmentt

At Roseacres Primary School we have been doing a lot to help the environment.

Animals and recycling are something that many of the children are very passionate about and therefore we are doing as much as we can to help.

Bake Sale

Recently children in Year 3 and 4/5 learnt about Jane Goodall and the work she does towards saving chimpanzees. The children decided that they would like to do something to raise money for the cause and chose to do a bake sale. The money raised will go towards adopting a chimpanzee and planting trees in Burundi (a project which the Jane Goodall institute supports).

Al’s Adventures in Wasteland

Last summer, Year 3/4 took part in a very exciting production. It was about an alien who arrived on earth hoping to find a new home and was shocked at the way humans treat it. The class were the choir for the play and for the performance they learnt about what factors are destroying the environment, like a turtle getting stuck in a plastic bag, and also made instruments out of recycled materials.

Recycling Bottle Tops

For over a year now, the school have collected bottle tops which a teacher then takes to Lush. Lush them melt them down and they are reused for surfaces. So far we have collected over a thousand bottle lids.

Eco Club

The school have begun their eco journey and we are on our way to becoming an international Green Flag Award Eco-School. The programme is designed to raise environmental awareness among young people and is run by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. The Eco-Schools programme empowers pupils, raises environmental awareness and improves the school environment. Being an active member of the programme will be something your child will remember for the rest of their life.

Adopting Animals

I, the Year 3 teacher, adopted my class an orangutan for Christmas. They are learning about endangered animals and the destruction of rainforests later in the year. The class know how much I love an animal and chose to adopt me a giraffe for Christmas!

Clean Air for Rhinos

Roseacres Primary School has decided to join scores of Essex schools promoting active travel in the name of cleaner air, reduced traffic and increased physical activity. They will be doing this through an activity called Clean Air Heroes. For 15 days each term (spring and summer) schools will be collecting data on pupils’ travel behaviour. The final cumulative result will be compared to three targets previously agreed – Bronze Heroes, Silver Heroes and Gold Heroes – each representing a set amount Colchester Zoo pledges to donate to the Save the Rhino fund.

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