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Forres Sandle Manor School have been busy

Forres Sandle Manor ahne been very busy, working on many projects and activities not only nationally but International.

  • Bird boxes for school, grounds. We built over 20 for our school site.
  • What’s under your feet? National project to research about possible causes for reduced numbers of common birds. Pupils have sampled bird life in grounds, invertebrates in soil and counted, measure worms. This is repeated on three occasions a year and data is collected Nationally. We have completed this previously and are completing our first set of data now.
  • We dug out a school pond and have been developing the site and adding wildlife to grow and become established there.
  • Completed a switch off day last year to highlight dependency on electricity and it’s wastage in  the school.
  • Working with World Veterinary Service (WVS) with their Young Vets Club project to develop a relationship with two schools in India and sharing information about attitudes to animals as pets and in the wild. Many of the children now have pen friends as a result. We share resources created in a series of lesson that we run in parallel with each other.
  • Several years ago the school built a bottle greenhouse but it has been poorly used. One of our plans for this term is to revitalise it and use it to grow produce, which the school canteen will use in their meals.
  • FSM school has a fish Friday and now starting a Meat free Monday to contribute to healthier eating and global green house gas problems.
  • We pushing the school to go plastic free. We are making a “Single use plastic grinding device” and then the grindings are going to made into new items such as bookends thus re-using single use plastics.

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