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Why Walhampton is ECO!!

What is eco?

Well, eco is really easy! Eco is helping the environment by taking small steps and it makes a huge difference! Here are some examples:

  1. Recycle bottle lids, batteries, cans and old pens that don’t work
  2. Reducing the amount of electricity you use
  3. Re-using your bottles
  4. And recycling objects by locating a recycling centre to reuse it and big factories won’t have to make more plastic!

Why is it important to be eco?

Many people don’t know the consequences of global warming and its huge effect on our everyday lives. The current governmental policies will impact the current children’s generation hugely in 30 years. That’s why we children have to step up and fight for our future, we can’t rely on other people to do it for us. We’ve got to do it, AND NOW to prevent further damage to our big blue planet. A few months ago a young woman names Greta Thunberg made a huge difference to our lives.


And she’s only 16!

What is an Eco Rep’s job?

Eco reps have many responsibilities within Walhampton School These range from small to large.

  1. Making sure that everyone is doing the most they can to help the planet.
  2. Go to eco meetings to discuss how we are being eco and new ideas on how to be an even more eco school
  3. Make sure everybody at least brings in one thing to be recycled
  4. Since the others are being eco, we help and join with it. PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!

What do Walhampton do to reduce, reuse, recycle?

Walhampton do a lot to help! At Walhampton we have boxes we put bottle lids, soda cans, batteries to recycle. We also want to do it so we can get ECO POINTS!!!! Eco points are awards for being eco. If we turn off the lights, we get an eco point, if we bring in recycling, we get an eco point. The cycle goes on and on….

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