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Damers First School – Boomerang Bags

Damres First School came up with the idea of using the Boomerang Bag concept. We have teamed up with Tom Amery who owns the Brace of Butchers and the Naked Brace which is a zero waste shop.  The Boomerang Bag was discovered in the Gold Coast, Australia 2/3 years ago. People donate fabric material they no long need. Members of the community come together at locations and events put on to make Boomerang Bags. Boomerang Bags are put into local shops for people to use if they have forgotten their bag. The bags are free and can be return to any shop that has signed up to the scheme when you are next out with their own bag. This helps reduce the use of plastic bags. It has become so popular that Boomerang Bag Dorchester has become Boomerang Bag Dorset.


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