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Spring is coming

I have been lucky enough to begin my Forest School training, and have learned so much to share with the children about how we can care for our amazing Forest School area. One of the best things is all about “hazard flags!”. The children have embraced these home made flags, using local sustainable wood that we are donated, from in our village. We place them where we see new growth-luckily, there is plenty at the moment! We carefully use a mallet to add them where we see clumps of Daffodils and Snowdrops, Crocus. To earn the children of a danger, we add them there too. Such as a treee root from our stunning English Oak. Adding them, brings up a wealth of comments and questions, such as “why can’t I pick them for my Mummy ” and “we can dig it up”. I can answer these by discussing early pollination and how we would damage the tree if we damaged its roots. The children understand and apparently are making them and using them at home too! I am proud to say not one clump of Daffodils has been damaged-and with three and four year olds running free, that is pretty special.

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