Good news stories!

It’s easy to get down about things; bad news seems to be everywhere and it’s hard to stay hopeful. But if you look beyond the doom and gloom, there are actually lots of uplifting stories out there that’ll show that things are getting better, and people have to power to immense good.

This selection of stories demonstrate just that. They are uplifting, triumphant, hopefull and happy. We can make things better, we can make a difference, we can and should have hope. And with hope comes action, and that’s something we can all contribute to in our own ways.

The woman cleaning up her city

From the BBC

Listen and watch the inspirational Wonne Afronolly talk about her work to help clear up city of Port Narcourt in Nigeria.

Watch now on the BBC website


Norway’s lessons on recycling

From the Positive News Network

Norway is leading the way in recycling, so what can we learn from them? We can’t keep burying our rubbish in the ground – what other options are there?

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Saving a mountain for future generations

From the Good News Network

A mountain in Scotland that’s home to rare and ancient forest has been saved for future generations when it was bought by the Woodland Trust Scotland. There are plans to protect and extend these precious habitats.

Read now on the Good News Network


A holiday spent picking up rubbish

From the Good News Network

This 19 year old decided to spend his holiday in Miami picking up rubbish from the beach rather than hanging out with his friends. He was motivated by a love of animals and the environment.

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Lots of us volunteer!

A team of enthusiastic Barclays bank volunteers began work on creating the pond in the wildlife corner of The Garden

We’re so happy to hear this news! 4 in 10 of people in the UK volunteer their time to help others, whether that’s people, youth clubs, environmental causes or something else entirely, and it’s something we’re very much in favour of at Roots & Shoots!

Read now on Positive News


Bringing back the Badgers

From the Positive News Networ

Keep up the good work, everyone, because conservation efforts in the UK are WORKING! The numbers of some of the UKs most endangered carnivorous animals such as badgers, otters and pine martens are increasing, which is good news for them, good news for the environment, and good news for the planet!

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Posted on March 31st, 2019 by Aoife Glass

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