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Join us for SKYPE In the Classroom for a live chat with Dr. Jane!

Hello Roots & Shoots Friends!

We’re excited to partner with @SkypeClassroom for TWO FREE LIVE broadcasts with our very own Dr. Jane! Following the broadcast, Dr. Jane will be available to take viewer’s questions via Skype! (More information about submitting questions can be found by visiting the event page linked below!

Join us for a global adventure with @JaneGoodall, @JaneGoodallInst and @rootsandshoots to talk about power change-makers have to take-action through service learning! 

When to Join:

Tuesday April 2, 12:30 PM EST

Tuesday April 9, 9:00 AM EST


  • Follow @SkypeClassroom (Twitter) and @skypeintheclassroom (Facebook)
  • Follow @rootsandshoots on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Tag @SkypeClassroom and use hashtags #Skype2Learn and #MicrosoftEDU


What Can I Expect?

During two 15-minute live broadcast events, Dr. Jane will tell her personal story of hope, and all of the ways that change-makers like you can take action for people, other animals and the environment. In the meantime to help prepare for the broadcast events, you can enjoy the Skype in the Classroom activity plan, FlipGrid Activities and explore other resources on Skype’s event website

The Roots & Shoots Team is excited to have you join us for a free live broadcast with Dr. Jane using Skype in the Classroom! 


All of us at Roots & Shoots  

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