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Discovering plastic waste

We had a very exciting afternoon, we were hunting for nurdles! We were lucky to have in our lovely Eco visitor,Gill in. She brought with her a range of objects that were picked from a beach clean, up at Hurst Spit. The children took out all the plastic, then adding water to thier bowls. They thought they had removed all the plastic, but no, it’s a nurdle! Tiny pieces of plastic that are so harmful to sea life. The children counted up 13 nurdles. They then sorted the plastic into colours, we recorded all the information and will send it to the Microplastic Survey. We were also shown part of a plastic bag that dissolved within minutes. Hopefully, the future of plastic! The children were brilliant at using new language, such as dissolving, sink and float and of course “Look, it’s a nurdle!”. Fantastic science, maths and language. ????

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