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Brilliant books for young environment champions

Looking for some reading to inspire, inform and engage young environment champions? Look no further! We’ve selected some of our favourite books for children and young people on a range of subjects from climate change to conservation and everything in between.

What A Waste: Rubbish, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet

by Jess French, Dorling Kindersly

‘What a waste’ by Jess French, published by Dorling Kindersly

This book covers, as you can probably guess, the issue of all the waste we produce. It combines plenty of facts and science about waste and recycling with some practical advice for children on how they can make a difference, such as collecting their family’s plastic waste for a week then going through it to see how it could be reduced and switched for something non-pastic.

Jane Goodall – Little People, BIG DREAMS

By Isabel Sanchez Vegara (author), Beatrice Cerocchi (illustrator), published by Francis Lincoln Publishers Ltd

Part of the Little People, Big Dreams series

We love this book! The beautiful illustrations and engaging writing share the story of our favourite environmentalist and wildlife champion Dr Jane Goodall in a way that will captivate younger readers.

This book, like others in the series, is all about making role models accessible to children by showing them though they went on to do big things, it all started with a little girl with a dream.

How to help a hedgehog and protect a polar bear

By Jess French (author) and Angela Keoghan (illustrator)

There’s plenty of practical advice in this lovely book from The National Trust

This brilliantly useful and fun book by The Natural Trust is full of practical and simple things kids can do to help our planet, as well as a beautifully illustrated guide to different habitats and the plants and animals that live in them.

Be Green!

By Mandy Archer (author) and Katie Abey (illustrator)

There are plenty of practical ideas for young people in this book

This book describes itself as ‘an activity book for young people who want to sustain and protect the world we live in’ and that’s something we think is super useful. This would make a brilliant resource for Roots & Shoots groups who are looking for ideas for projects to work on.


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