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Precious Water – St Mary’s School Ascot

Salt water makes up approximately 97% of Earth’s water which leaves only about 3% freshwater available for plants and animals. In addition, two thirds of the freshwater is actually frozen solid in glaciers, snow and polar ice caps. Only surface water and groundwater can be used by living organisms and once it becomes polluted, it can be difficult or even impossible to clean.

St Mary’s School Ascot used the Dustbowl Activity ‘Water: Audits and Pledges’ to enable students to  understand why water might become a shortage in the future and how simple changes in the home can save gallons of water every day.

The activity has raised lots of awareness in the School and many pledges were made in the form of posters. Students now look at water as a precious resource and show more respect for its value. Living together in a Boarding School, makes it easier to remind each other to reduce the length of showers or to switch off water while brushing teeth.

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