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Recycling update from Harrow Way Community School

We have had many bins and caddies donated from SSI Schafer. These have been placed in the catering department, staff room and the canteen. The contents are emptied into the composter daily.

The rest of the bins are going around school and  year 7,8 and 9will be educated in recycling – both how and why.

The wall blocks which will house crushed plastic bottles is being shown too SLT for final approval. It will go around the field to entice students to recycle the bottles. The bottles will be placed in the dedicated recyling bin and then crushed before placed in the sculpture.

The PLD detention, which is 1 hour after school for those students who are constantly disrupting lessons, will have 20min of community service to clean litter and empty bins as of September.

Year 6 move up day saw the launch of the wooden knives and forks and compostable containers. This will continue in September.

Crisp packet recycling is still going.

Most paper and cardboard is being recycled and we are adding in cans and plastic bottles under the new scheme in September.

ECO club has 4 members of staff and 8-10 regular attendees from year 7 8 and 9 – we are delivering assemblies to all year groups in September.

It’s a journey and we are making progress! Let’s hope it continues in September!


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