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Halloween is getting increasingly popular in the UK and an estimated 10 million pumpkins are being grown for carving. Unfortunately half of these pumpkins end on landfills on the 1st November without their flesh cooked or at least being composted. This year we wanted the children to experience how pumpkins can be given back to nature.

A home educating mum who has been volunteering with her daughter at the Whitegate Animal Sanctuary, Wirral told us that the owner put out a request for the pumpkins. Unfortunately the sanctuary is not open to the public at the moment, therefore the pumpkins were collected by this family and taken to the sanctuary. The chickens and goats were delighted for the treat and look how happy the piggies were!



Another family decided to offer the pumpkins to the birds in their garden. They pulled a string through the pumpkins, put some bird food in the cavity so the birds are lured in and hang up the pumpkins for their feathered friends. The birds haven’t been as keen as the farm animals, perhaps because of the readily available seeds right by the pumpkins (or maybe they were too scary), nevertheless, it was great that we could involve the children in such an activity. A great start to No Waste November!

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