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Most Outstanding Individual Award – A dream come true – An afternoon with Jane Goodall!

When I found out I could actually spend a one on one time Jane Goodall I was shocked but excited. Our journey to Jane started off after a busy day at school, in ACCRINGTON.

In the morning we couldn’t rest, as we were so excited to meet Jane. We caught the train from the station to Bournemouth and set off to Jane’s house.  We arrived and met her sister Judy who was really nice and their dog. Jane later came down and Judy brought some chocolate brownies. They were eaten very quickly. I had a long and detailed conversation with Jane, ranging from her adventures in foreign countries to how she built bonds with the chimpanzees but also how she stood up for what she believed in, which I respect a lot. We talked about other animals including rats. Jane shared some YouTube videos with us. Jane’s energy is endless! I am very happy I had the opportunity to meet Jane and am privileged to say to people I have met her. She is an inspiration to me and no doubt the whole world, making me really think about what I do around school and my community, however small. 

I was lucky enough to see some of Jane’s original work and the publication in National Geographic. Meeting the real Mr H was awesome. As Jane looks forward to her jubilee year, I wonder how she maintains the energy to keep moving forward. For now, following Jane’s footsteps is enough…. 

Thank you for this memorable, amazing experience!

Amelia Litherland, Accrington St Christopher’s Church of England High School

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