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Environmental Enterprise

Students in the Enterprise group at East Coast College have developed their project further by delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to students and staff and suggesting healthy vegetarian recipes to cook.

This is good for the people of the college because it will make them healthier by increasing their intake of vitamins and minerals.

The project is good for the environment because only one journey to the shop takes place rather than many (reducing CO2 emissions), produce is packed in paper bags that can be recycled and it encourages a vegetarian diet, therefore  reducing methane emissions.

The project is good for animals because some of the proceeds will be used to adopt a chimpanzee at Monkey World, a donation will be given to the ZSEA charity which is concerned with conservation and learners will learn about conservation in a sensory way.

The students are learning valuable skills for their future lives which include customer service, money handling and recognition and they have a growing awareness of sustainability, healthy eating and conservation issues. The SEND learners are aged between 17 and 22.

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