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Roots & Shoots at Home

Toilet roll plant pots
Toilet roll plant pots with seedlings growing!

These activities will give your students a few different projects and actions that they can do at home with a little parental supervision. It will give them something positive to focus on and each activity can be linked to different parts of the curriculum.

They are designed to work as stand alone activities, or they can be worked through all together. You can ask your students to present their results in the form of written reports, images, artwork or even video to the rest of their class, which can be done in person or via video calls or email. 

In this activity you and your students will:

  • Create plant pots from recycled toilet rolls and grow plants up from seed. This can be extended into a science project by recording how they change over time.
  • Design and create a useful item for their home using upcycled materials they can find there that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • Share their creations with other group members to provide inspiration. 


To provide a range of simple activities that can be done at home or used for home-schooling, that are flexible enough to be used for different age groups and that can be linked to different parts of the curriculum if desired. 

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