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World Toilet Day 2019

Following our ‘tradition’ we celebrated World Toilet Day in 2019 again. We provided the children with ingredients for our all so famous ‘poo cakes’ and this year we haven’t forgotten the sugar. This way this year children – that could stomach it – could actually eat their poo cakes. The ingredients were cocoa powder, sugar, plain biscuit and butter. Changing the amount of any given ingredients could change the colour and the shape of the poos children created. The main reason we do World Toilet Day is for children to understand and appreciate that hundreds of millions of people don’t have access to safe toilets, if at all. 

There are no set ways of breaking the biscuit to crumbs!


Mixing the ingredients and then forming them…

…or not

The ‘result’

This year however, we paid attention to health as well and let the children make ‘wee juice’ for themselves too using orange cordial and water. We downloaded a wee colour chart and explained to the kids the importance of drinking plenty of fluid and how they can tell their state of hydration by the colour of their wees. Lots of learning and fun happened on this lovely afternoon.

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