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No Waste November

We wanted to participate in this great event but instead of taking a pledge we focused on showing the children several ways they can reduce the amount of waste they produce, in the hope that the families would be able to stick to some of the practices. Below are a few examples:

No waste shops. We are lucky to have a no waste shop in Chester, called Just Footprints. We visited the shop several times during November and we always went by train, this way we reduced not only on plastic but on fuel as well. Just Footprints stores a lot of organic goods and so purchasing organic produce in this way we could help the environment in yet more ways. We discussed all these with the children and they enjoyed scooping the rice or beans into the containers we took with ourselves.


Veg box scheme. We signed up for a local vegbox scheme that delivers organic vegetables and fruit without plastic packaging. The children really enjoyed seeing what was sent each week in the vegbox and commented on the lack of plastic.

When we went shopping we tried to get the package free version of goods and the children definitely were on board. When we couldn’t we of course recycled all the packaging we could and made the ones we couldn’t into ecobricks.

We learnt lots in November of our impact on waste but we also learnt about how ridiculously hard and expensive it is to do the right thing. As a few months have passed since No Waste November we can now say that both adults and children remained vigilant and attentive to waste and wherever our finances allow we try to create as little waste as possible.

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