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Twinning: Instructables

Instructables jumping from example

In this activity, students are tasked with picking an item to make, that conveys some information about their home country.  Perhaps a model of an animal that is common in that country, or a box decorated with meaningful designs. Once students are happy with their designs, they write a set of instructions and send it to their twinning school. Each school then follows the instructions to make the item, photographs it and sends back the results. This activity is particularly good for encouraging younger students to consider effective communication skills.

In this activity you and your students will:

  • Think about their own country’s culture, heritage and wildlife
  • Design and create a simple model with a set of instructions.
  • Interact with their twinned school to create each other’s models and learn about the other country.


Carrying out this activity will help students learn more about their own country as well as the country of their twinned school. They will also learn about communicating a simple craft project.


Download the Twinning: Instructables activity »


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