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Back to Forest School!

Some of our older children have returned to pre school in two separate bubbles. When they were in lockdown, I provided them with updates on our Facebook accounts so they could observe the changes, such as our froglets that they had watched from tadpoles, being released back into the pond.

We have been lucky enough to watch the Swallows fly above our heads and the Robins nesting in the trees. We also saw Goldfinch parents’ feeding their babies in the hawthorn. Butterflies are a plenty, especially around the wild flower area which is alive with pollinators. We were very excited to see a huge stag beetle under the tyre swing!

Today, we have been watching the Dragonflies leaving their exoskeletons. We are hoping to see them flying ove rthe pond! We are able to learn so much and take our learning back to pre school with our fabulous paintings, drawings and discussions.

It is so good to be back!

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