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Roots & Shoots UK launches resources to 20,000 schools across the UK in partnership with the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation

“Our planet is at a crucial moment in history – if we don’t protect the natural world we shall lose all species, including our own.Yet, my biggest reason for hope is the passion and commitment of young people when empowered to take action. The Roots & Shoots UK Resource Boxes will do just that: Filled with really beautiful books and exciting lesson plans – about animals, people and our environment – they will inspire the next generation of young environmentalists to go out there, create change and make this world a better place.    

These Roots & Shoots Resource Boxes will encourage children to explore more, be excited about what they’ve seen and learned, share with their friends and connect deeper to nature – planting the seeds of our future explorers, conservationists, scientists.


Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE , Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

We are so excited to be part of creating these amazing boxes that are currently on their way to 20,000 schools across the UK!

Roots & Shoots members will each receive a box and we strongly encourage all schools who are not yet members to sign up to the programme now for more free resources!

2020 has been an unprecedented year. In light of this, knowing that our actions can still have a positive outcome for animals, the environment and our communities is even more important than ever before. These boxes provide many ideas on achieving this.

“An epic milestone took place in Poole yesterday. The launch of our amazing Roots & Shoots Local Safari book, inspirational & educational activities, beautifully illustrated, offered to a staggering 20,000 schools across the UK.  These resources will provide a treasure trove of activities for youth engagement in positive action for our planet and all its inhabitants.”    

Tara Golshan, Executive Director, Education


We would like to thank the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation for their amazing generosity in sponsoring these resources and Stewart McPherson for his tireless commitment on delivering it to such a high standard.

the Roots & Shoots Team UK


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