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Litter Audit of Durdle Door – Damers First School

Over the summer there were upsetting scenes at Durdle Door with the amounts of litter left on the beach. Some children from Damers Eco Crew with their siblings were asked by Lulworth Rangers to audit the litter and drinking containers found on the beach. There were 70 bags of litter from just one weekend.

The children found:
172 plastic bottles, 72 glass bottles all alcoholic, 37 soft drink cans and 34 alcoholic cans (71 in total), 23 coffee cups.  6 pieces of Plastic cutlery , 8 plastic cups.
The children also found some interesting items  including a Deliveroo cool bag and a waterski.
The audit information has gone off to the Government to reinforce the importance of having a ‘All In’ Deposit Return Scheme in England sooner rather than later. This is a campaign Damers First School has been working on with CPRE since September 2018. Some children went to Westminster last year to meet and question the  Secretary of State for Environment Michael Gove on Newsround.
All the plastic was taken away to be reused to make fence posts for the National Trust.

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