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National Youth Climate Virtual Summit – Damers First School

Damers First School from Dorset took part in the National Youth Climate Summit that was put together by Transform Our World, Global Action Plan. Each day had a different enviornemtnal theme tht included, Nature Oceans Water, Travel, Pollution and Waste, Food Farming, Forests, Fashion and Consumption, A Sustainable Future.

Damers FirstSchool Hostsed the Day on Tuesdya which was all about Travel, Pollution and Waste.  We presented a film called ‘Zero to Eco Heroes’ which tells the story of our eco journey so far over the past 8 years, focusing on our last 3 years. Children at the end make a pledge and a statement to world leaders.

The film shows the projects we have worked on including our Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Pledges that every class make each term to help animals, people, community,  environment recycling programme which has raised money for the school, National Award Winning Eco Enterprise Products, Ridan Food Waste Composter, Campaign with CPRE for an “All In” Deposit Return System. The journey to becoming Eco Schools Primary School School of the Year. The children have inspired the local community including: Town Council, businesses, schools and charity organisations to support Plastic Free Dorchester which they will talk about.

You can watch the film by click on the link below. 

At the end of the week we fed back our highlight and what we are going to take forwards from this Summit as a school.

Our representative from Year 3 comes in at 6hours 23 mins and 30 seconds and finishes at 6 hours 25mins.  

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