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Christmas is coming….

Presents to buy, cards to write, parcels to wrap – don’t know where to start? Start here – we’ve got gifts for everyone and you’ll be helping JGI, Roots & Shoots and chimps too.

These beautiful Christmas cards will add magical charm and uplifting vibes to any displays, whilst contributing to important work around conservation.

Five percent of profits from the sale of these cards will go to the Jane Goodall Institute UK which is working to end wildlife trafficking, as well as Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots education programme for young people. 

Or why not give a gift with a difference this festive season!  2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, one way to bring a smile to a family member or friend’s face, is to adopt one of the orphan chimpanzees at Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre in the Republic of Congo, the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in Africa.

In your guardian pack you will receive:

  • A colour picture and profile of your chimp
  • An adoption certificate
  • Lots of interesting information about chimpanzees
  • Fact sheets on our two chimpanzee sanctuaries, Tchimpounga and Chimp Eden in South Africa.
  • Two newsletters a year
  • Above all, you will know you are making a difference!

Anzac is one of the many victims of the illegal commercial bushmeat trade.  Congolese authorities confiscated her from a poacher before turning her over to the caregivers at the sanctuary.

Anzac is not hindered by her missing limb and comes up with novel solutions for every circumstance that arises. She tests different styles of locomotion, like bunny hopping. She springs forward, jumping with her back legs together and using her short limb to soften any falls.

Falero is an important chimpanzee because he was the only chimpanzee confiscated over a two-year period which is heartening because only ten years ago, the Jane Goodall Institute was receiving upwards of ten new chimpanzees per year. JGI has worked very hard over the last decade to increase public awareness about chimpanzees.




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