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Our ED takes part in an exciting Roundtable Session for We Emerge week by the DO School


After months exploring what we now need to DO to emerge stronger, over 1,000 leaders from 30+ countries came together at We Emerge Week to develop a tangible action agenda, discuss the topics they considered most urgent and ultimately, to support and inspire each other on this challenging journey. As a global platform empowering business and entrepreneurial action to positively impact the world, 30 round tables and 150 leaders from around the Globe took part in the event.

As part of their TedX countdown series, our ED,  who had the privilege of joining the event’s roundtable in October, discussed the topic “How can we best educate citizens to protect the environment”.  A Global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crises, turning ideas into action.

She stated:  “The WeEmerge week roundtable was an innovative and practical solution to emerge from the Pandemic crises, thanks to the resourcefulness of Florian Hoffman, CEO of the Do School. The discussion with my colleagues Angeliki Kosmopoulou, ED, A.C Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, Dr Nina Smidt, MD, Siemens Stiftung and Peter Schwarzenbauer, former BWM Group Board member, strived to contribute some practical and workable solutions to the current topic which will be published shortly”.

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