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Sandfield Close Primary School – In Touch with Nature Project update

We are so excited at Sandfield. Thanks to Roots & Shoots we worked with our key Stage 1 children in year 1 and 2. Part of their science is to learn about plants that grow from seeds and bulbs. At the beginning of December, we were able to do a socially distance lesson on bulbs for all the year 1 and 2 children. We learnt how the bulbs grow and how deep to plant them. Then, with wellies on, we planted them next to the school car park. We chose this area as it is not walked on by anyone, but we can all see it from the front of school. We are eagerly waiting to see some green spears appear. These will become daffodils and crocuses.

With the older children, after lengthy discussions, we decided to plant some fruit trees. Sandfield has very few plants and trees that produce fruit that we can eat. We chose an apple, plum and cherry tree. Again, we planted them just before Christmas and can’t wait to see if they have any flowers on this year.

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