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TASIS – In Touch with Nature Project update

The Roots & Shoots Club at TASIS was excited to receive a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund. We are lucky at our school to have a large campus full of trees, grass and plants. Our club members have done many projects in the past, including building a wildlife pond in our garden, constructing an insect home, planting in our garden, developing the lunch time compositing program, and planning for future projects.

With our grant money, we decided to begin with planting a tree to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. There was an area at school where an old tree had recently died. We wanted to replace it with a beautiful young tree that would become an important part of our school. The tree is a silver birch and the whole of the Middle School and the Roots & Shoots Club came out to celebrate it being planted the day before schools closed due to Covid-19.

The tree was planted and a plaque placed beneath it. The tree is in a position that students will walk by it each day when we return to school. Although students have not yet returned to campus, our Roots & Shoots leader at school, Ms. Gediman, has gone to school and has seen that the tree is thriving.

When we are able to return for the new school year, we are excited to continue our projects at school with the use of the grant money. We have many ideas we will work on. One is a project tied to the work of 2041 ClimateForce, to bring more information to our community about ways we can work together to improve the issues of Climate Change.

We would like to thank Disney Conservation Fund and Roots & Shoots for helping us to make positive changes!



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