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Dear Roots & Shoots members,

We hope you are staying safe and well.

We were so pleased that you enjoyed the Local Safari books which we created in partnership with the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation and sent to 20,000 schools last year in the 2020 Hanson Box (our 2020 launch).

We are delighted to announce that this year, we are creating two new resources to send to thousands of schools across the UK:


We have sourced packs of seeds of ‘Russian Giant’ sunflowers, which can grow up to 14 feet high! We’ll be sending a pack of seeds in the 2021 Hanson Box to start a UK wide competition, beginning in Spring, 2022, to see who can grow the tallest sunflower by June 1st, 2022! Prizes will be awarded for the tallest plant, largest individual flower, greatest number of flowers on a single plant and other categories! We hope students will enjoy getting their hands grubby and growing these beautiful sunflowers! Regardless of whether a school is based in an inner-city area or the countryside, sunflowers are easy to grow outside on a patio or at the side of a playground. Full instructions and horticultural tips are included!


We are creating this book to document the wildlife; geography and history of the United Kingdom, with profiles of key native species and complete conservation status icons and information. This title is intended to complement the Local Safari – Wildlife Adventures at Home title which we created last year. This book will explore in greater detail, a wider range of the amazing native British wildlife which you can use the Local Safari book to spot!

The 2021 resource boxes contain four other nature/conservation-related books, a ‘nature’s recyclers kit’ (with dormant brine shrimp and tad pole shrimp eggs), drawing and essays competitions and more.

IMPORTANT: Just like last year’s resource boxes, the 2021 box will be completely free for your school. But, due to overwhelming demand, schools need to request a 2021 box in order to receive it. So, don’t miss out on yours, and sign up now!

Request your free resource box here:

To avoid disappointment, please request your free 2021 resource box NOW! 

We anticipate shipping the resource boxes during October 2021.

We thoroughly hope your students will enjoy the 2021 resources!

Thank you!

The Roots & Shoots Team

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