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Wellbeing Garden

Students at East Coast College have been working on the creation of a Wellbeing Garden that will benefit people, the environment and animals.

The Brickwork students have been clearing an area of refuse and have been digging trenches to make pathways.

The Enterprise students have grown bee and butterfly plants for the garden which will attract these essential insects. In addition they have grown strawberry plants, violas, tomato plants and herbs to sell on a stall.

While digging the pathway trenches, the brickwork students found some interesting pottery and 19th century medicine bottles!

Next week, the Enterprise students are going to visit a garden centre with a list of plants to purchase which includes 3 potted fruit trees (to capture carbon from the atmosphere), buddleia to attract butterflies, hebe, echinops, lavender and Echinacea to attract bees.

The students made a bug hotel (supplied in their Hansen Box and have decorated a bird house. We have also asked the Brickwork students to make a hedgehog house. A seating area and a water fountain will be added so people can relax. Eventually they will be able to pick and eat a piece of fruit from one of the trees.

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