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The Planting Of Our Micro-Wood!

Its has been very exciting for us, here at Goat Lees, as we received a long awaited delivery at the end of April.

Way back, before the Covid lockdowns began, we applied for the possibility of being selected to receive some trees and shrubs from the Free Trees for Schools Appeal. The Year 6  pupils looked at the different varieties of native trees that would be suitable for our school grounds. They also looked at the needs of the trees available to make sure they picked the correct ones for space we had and, with fingers crossed, sent off our application.

In the last week of April, the tree pack arrived. It contained: 5 crabapple trees, 5 Hazel trees, 5 dogwood trees, 5 dog rose shrubs and 5 hawthorns. Some Year 6 pupils quickly set about marking out and planting. With the trees and shrubs supplied, we are hoping to have a micro-wooded environment to encourage even more wildlife into our already nature-friendly school, edge by a wild hedgerow. This will add to our wild meadow area and natural pond at the top of our field, which is springing to life now the cold weather seems to have eased up a little.


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