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NASA invite Edenderry to share observations in #TreeChallenge2021

Edenderry Primary students have been participating in the Globe/NASA #TreeChallenge2021 by creating their own International Padlet to collaborate and share activities globally.

Activities the students were involved with include : building a clinometer to measure the heights of trees, mapping tree coverage in their school, identifying trees, taking part in NASA led webinars about satellite imagery and carbon retention, voting for their favourite international tree, planting bean seeds and monitoring their growth (provided by Dr Jane Goodall), discovering the many provisions of trees, (medicines, protection from mosquitos, cosmetics, etc), discussing differences and similarities of trees with global students, Tree Art, Listing new Tree vocabulary and more….

Countries from Nepal, Egypt, Morocco, New Zealand, Argentina, Uganda, Palestine, Jordan, England, Turkey,  Scotland, India and N.Ireland all contributed to the International Padlet.

NASA were so impressed with our collective efforts and collaboration of shared learning that they asked for the permission of students to share their padlet work on a wrap up video!

NASA requests permission to share Edenderry’s International Padlet.
NASA Media Release

All participants received a certificate for their contributions.



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