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Darwin 200 Voyage – our amazing summer expedition!

The DARWIN200 UK Voyage is intended to offer the Roots & Shoots team members the opportunity to gain first-hand experience studying wildlife and undertaking conservation surveys. The future protection of wildlife across the globe depends directly upon empowering and inspiring the next generation, and transferring skills so that tomorrow’s conservationists can study, understand and conserve wildlife populations.

Over the summer of 2021, four Roots & Shoots members are joining the DARWIN200 UK Voyage aboard the 45 m long tall ship Pelican of London. The objective of the voyage is to circumnavigate the UK and study the health of the marine environment around the British Isles.

The Roots & Shoots members will join professional researchers to undertake systematic studies of plastic pollution, megafauna (whales, dolphins, basking sharks), and seabirds to collect data for key conservation surveys, and to create live, interactive maps showcasing their findings! Visit to follow their progress and help interpret the data generated in real time beamed live from the ship!

In addition to gaining first-hand field experience in remote corners of the British Isles (from St Kilda to Shetland to the Farne Islands), our members will have the chance to sight spectacular wildlife around the British Archipelago, from minke whales, many species of dolphins and porpoises, sunfish, gannets and sea eagles! The spectacular diversity of wildlife around the UK is often forgotten, but the experience that the Roots & Shoots team members will gain, witnessing this wildlife up close and personal, will, hopefully, drive their passion and enthusiasm as young conservationists and give them valuable experience for their future careers in the field of conservation.

The Roots & Shoots team members will be presenting their findings live on August 11th at 10 am! Please join these live results event to hear first-hand their experiences and a summary of their results – visit  for details on how to join the live broadcast!

Stay tuned as the ship sails around the UK! Visit for updates!


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