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Andover Trees United – ‘In Touch with Nature’ project update

Appleshaw St Peter’s CofE Primary School   

Gombe 60 ‘What’s living in Harmony?’ 22nd June 2021

On Tuesday 22nd June, 22 pupils from Beech class visited Harmony Woods to work with an ecologist and learn about simple wildlife surveying techniques. The children spent time surveying birds, pollinators and butterflies and were shown how to use quadrats to identify and record plants. The data that the children collected will help to form a baseline for a new habitats trail and wildflower area and will allow the woodland managers to assess biodiversity improvements over the coming years.

Lead teacher Mrs Preece said : ‘We had a lovely time, the site looked stunning with all the wild flowers and the children were really engaged. They especially loved being real scientists gathering data using the quadrats.’

This is what some of the children had to say about their visit…

‘I loved looking in the grass, I found beetles.’

‘I loved the beautiful flowers, they gleamed like sunshine and it was so fun. My favourite was the Birdsfoot Trefoil. I wish I could go back sometime.’

‘I loved Harmony woods! I didn’t know there were plants like the Yellow Rattle and Birdsfoot Trefoil.’

‘I had a lovely time at Harmony Wood. I loved looking for the leaves and flowers so much. I liked going in the grass.’

‘I loved the skylark. I liked it’s song … it was pretty.’

‘My favourite part of Harmony woods was when we looked at the different flowers.’

‘I really enjoyed using the quadrats to see how many species of plant there were in 3 different areas.’

‘I was really excited to meet Alex. It was really fun finding out about the flower species.’

‘I loved the Oxeye daisies because I had never learnt about them before.’ 

‘My favourite thing was when we identified species of flowers. My favourite were Oxeye daisies.’ 

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