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Bournemouth University Roots & Shoots

  • On 18th June we joined a Teams all school worship to launch the St Luke’s CoE Primary School design your school pond competition. The children embraced this challenge wholeheartedly. Here are the Microplastics posters and the Winning Pond Designs. The overall winner will be announced at the start of the new school year in September! Very exciting!
  • On 12th July we ran two activities with the year 4 children at St Luke’s. for the first activity our PGR student Katie Thompson and one of our staff members Genoveva Esteban joined the children via Teams and did a workshop on the lifecycle, habitat and behaviour of salmon. The children learned all about how the quality of the water was very important and how we need to look after the water not just for salmon but for all kinds of plants and animals. On the same day another of our PGR students Ben Parker and staff member Emma Jenkins ran a Microplastics workshop. The children learned all about plastic, how plastic breaks down and enters into the water systems and how we need to reduce our use of plastic, particularly single-use plastic.
  • ON 13th July our PGR student Paul Clarkson and staff member Emma Jenkins ran a workshop on barn owls. Paul joined the classes via Zoom and told the children all about barn owls, showed the children videos of locally nesting barn owls and then the children were assisted by staff member Emma Jenkinsin picking out the rodent bones from barn owl pellets that had been collected (with a license) from the barn owl nesting site shown in the video. We talked about the types of habitats barn owls need and how we should behave around owl nesting sites.

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