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Our Success With Our Project at Goat Lees to Encourage Butterflies and Bees

Over terms 5 & 6 of the last acedemic year, we worked hard to encourage bees and butterflies in to our school grounds. The children in Years 1 & 2 learnt about Bees & Pollination for their term’s Topic, building raised flower beds which they planted with wild flower seeds; every day they watered and tended the beds. All their hard work paid-off as, through June and July, the beds were full of beautiful wild flowers which the bees and butterflies could not resist.

We also had fantastic success with our lovely wild meadow area which is an ongoing project. The daisies and purple thistles were teaming with bees and it was lovely to see the children up there enjoying the marvelous sight as the meadow came to life with the hum of busy bees. An old Budlehia Bush in our quiet area was brought back to life with a hard prune; as the revived bush blossomed from the well-needed attention, it attracted bees and butterflies with as much vigor as our beautiful meadow .


With many children showing an interest in the many amazing insects these areas attracted, Year 1 & 2 were able to share their knowledge, explaining what an important role bees play on our planet and how they help us. We will definitely be replanting the raised beds (we have already collected many of the wild flower seeds ready to plant next year). The wild meadow area is growing from strength to strength so maybe the addition of a few permanent bee houses would be next on the agenda.

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