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Planting for International Day of Peace at Goat Lees Primary School

On Tuesday, 21st September, our newly formed Roots & Shoots After School Club celebrated International Day of Peace. We split in to two groups as we wanted to send a message to everyone and also plant some more willow to add to our growing willow shelter in our wild meadow.

The first group went scavenging around the school grounds to gather various natural items: twigs, leaves, stones, seed heads, etc. They then worked hard at creating messages for peace to send out to everyone; taking a photo of both.


‘We Wish World Peace to All’

The second group went over to the wild meadow area, where they planted some more willow to our living shelter. After clearing away some of the surrounding vegetation, they set to work adding to the main structure; they then watered in the newly dug in plants. It was very satisfying planting these cuttings as we had grown these ourselves from the main plants.


Goat Lees Primary wish peace and happiness to everyone, for International Day of Peace and all year round.


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