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Edenderry Support COP26 #ForestofPromises

The Edenderry Student Council have taken the initiative, to not only support the WWF- ‘Make a Promise campaign’, but to actively encourage their International Partners to join in and make a difference globally.

Leading the way through the Global Schools Alliance’s (GSA) International School Council platform- the students at Edenderry have been actively promoting and campaigning to get as many students and schools to make a difference at COP26 by getting their voices heard.

#ForestofPromises requires students to make a ‘Personal Promise’ on one side of a Leaf and asks World Leaders to make a Promise on the opposite side of the leaf.

Rather than limit these promises to our own school, the student council harnessed their many international school partners to join them and ensure a True FOREST of PROMISES land in Glasgow to highlight the critical need to make a change and save life on land, life in Seas and the future of our planet Earth.

To date the Edenderry school council has support from India, Egypt, Scotland, England, Phillipines, Morocco, Palestine and Jordan.

Join us with this link…..

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