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The latest from East Coast College

This academic year, the Foundation and Progression Department has joined together to take part in projects that are good for the environment.

The Enterprise group is doing voluntary work at Somerleyton Hall in Suffolk. They have potted plants, raked and cleared leaves and planted spring bulbs for next spring. At the same time, they have learned about the wildlife they have found there including beautiful green snails, butterflies, bees and even a duck called Daphne. The group is continuing with the development of the wellbeing garden by digging borders along the new pathways so that plants such as echinacea and lavender can be planted. We continue to nurture the fruit trees.

The plastic bottle birdfeeders are still in position and will be re-filled with bird seed in the next week or two.

The Enterprise group is also growing strawberry plants and planting spring bulbs in pots for their next plant stall. The group will soon learn more about sustainability and will cook some vegetarian meals.

Another group has been learning about hedgehogs and is in the process of building a hedgehog house that will also be added to the wellbeing garden.

The Pathways groups are making items from reclaimed wood. The Christmas trees being made are very attractive and will be sold in the near future and the Preparation group is upcycling old Christmas baubles in order to make useful items.

All of our classroom lights have sensors and will automatically switch off when you leave the room or when they haven’t detected movement for a few minutes.

In the wider college, a lot has been going on. There is a new Environmental Sustainability Policy. Students are learning about climate change and sustainability in their tutorial programme, whatever their main subject of study. The college is rolling out NCFE Level 2 Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness to staff and members of the local community.

The policy discourages travel to the other campus of East Coast College and instead encourages the use of online platforms for meetings.  The college has a sustainability staff group and students are welcome to join this and add their views and ideas.

More effective heating is being added and heat savings being made and virtual work experience is taking place. Staff and students are encouraged to reduce printing. The college has a commitment to Net Zero.

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